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From now until November 13 post one of these 4 DG Grips ads featuring Mike Vitatoe on Instagram for a chance to win a free pair of grips. All you have to do is post one of these ads, tag @dailygrindbmx and @mikevitatoe and include your color of choice. November 13 the winners will be picked!

Cincinnati Street Jam


The Daily Grind and Whitman’s Ride Shop are doing a Street Jam Saturday August 27 at noon. So far the sponsors include Spun Bicycles, GT, Kink BMX, Merritt BMX, Dan’s Comp, Profile Racing, and BMX Union. The goal is to get a lot of people out riding street, but their will also be a lot of hand outs and prizes. We are meeting at Sawyer Point under the 471 bridge at noon, then we will be cruise the city from spot to spot until we are asked to leave or done with the spot.