Where are you from? How did you get into BMX?

Born and raised in delaware county Pennsylvania. I use to just follow my brother and his crew around while they fruit-booted, skated, and rode Bmx. Once he got into cars I stuck with Bmx.


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Kim, Bunn, Matt Laughead, gremlin


stink pit

How was your local scene growing up, and what was a typical riding day like?

When I was younger and getting into Bmx, the LD criminal mischief video was just released and little devil was HUGE  around the way! So there was always someone rocking the LD horns riding in the burbs or the city. Being that LD was a local brand we would always get star-strucked when we would see pros riding around. Back then my typical riding day was ride after school and on the weekends.Today my typical riding day is not much different, ride after work if I can, chill with the lady on Saturday and throw down on Sunday's with the crew. Haha

Describe a trip that you'll never forget.

For a while there I was going on a lot of trips while HOLY FIT was being filmed. I was flown to a lot of different cities and Ive seen a lot of crazy Bmx, and loads of shenanigans and hijinks! But more recently i done a few trips for DG and with some of my STINK PIT dudes that have been just us packing into my crv and headed to wherever. I can't really pick a favorite trip tho...they are all great in their own ways. I just hope there are more to come for 2016.  

Any plans for Stink Pit in 2016?

As far as STINK PIT we will continue to do our thing, ride when we can ride, and continue to chop away at another video, which a lot of us have been stacking for.