Name Age Who do you rep?   

 My name is Grant Ueberroth, I'm 18, I rep the 989crew and of course the Daily Grind.   

Where are you from? How's your scene?   

I'm from Bay City, Michigan, which is right in the middle of the mitten state. The scene here isn't too bad. We have a good amount of riders between the Tri-cities where I live that are down to ride the local parks when it’s nice out. It’s nice to live less than a 2 hour drive from the Detroit area though because the scene down there is definitely thriving more than up here. Me and the other 989crew members ride street around Michigan and overall, Michigan has a great scene. No matter where we go there are always some rad locals that kill it and are down to show us around a little bit.   

989 crew, tell me a little about it?   The 989crew, It is made up of me and 5 of my closest friends that just love to travel and ride our bikes. It started 3 summers ago when we would travel to different places around Michigan to ride different parks and to cruise new street territory. Since then we have been traveling farther and farther during the summer months and making videos of our trips. This summer we made a trip to Louisville, Chicago, the upper peninsula of Michigan and many other places. The name 989crew comes from our area code for our side of the state. This past year we just started making 989crew merchandise. We have T-shirts and hoodies right now and will be making beanies and more stuff soon. Hit up the @989crew instagram for more info.  

Like me, you’re not within driving distance of the rest of the DG crew, how do you feel about that?   Yes, I live pretty far away from the rest of the DG crew and that definitely sucks but I've met almost all the guys on the team and still keep in contact with most of them too. Especially for this next summer we are going to plan more trips to meet up and ride with the DG crew and film more stuff with them too, so I can't wait for this summer. It should be awesome!   

What do you think of the guys on DG, in one word describe each rider. Gremlin, Troy,  Tony, Zack,  me,  SS,  Mesta,  and Mike?    Everyone on the DG crew is super cool! I met Gremlin while he was in Michigan and rode with him a lot during this summer. Then I met the rest of the crew on different trips that I went on with Gremlin. While I was down in Cincinnati for the Daily Grind street jam me and my homies stayed at Troy's house (aka Thug Mansion) with the stink pit crew, which was really bad ass! As for the one words for everyone, that would be hard to choose, but "Gnarly" would fit everyone that's on the team! I haven't met Mesta yet but I'm sure he’s bad ass too!   

New 989 video was sick! You run that ship?   Thanks! The homies and I really went in for that video. And nah not really, I mean everyone killed it with that project, especially Alex Mctaggart. He filmed and edited it for us and it couldn't have come out any better! So go check it out!  

 Tricks or grinds?   Definitely grinds. Big handrails and big set-ups are my favorite things to ride. I never really learned bar spins good so I'm not throwing bars in and out of flat ledges like some guys haha.  

How do you feel towards Bmx on the west coast vs east coast?   Well I've never been out west but the scene out there seems way more blown up. I would like to make it out there eventually just for a trip or something but I really like it over here. I feel like there are more unridden spots out here that you can find all over the place because the spots are more spread out. 

   You meet gremlin while he lived in MI, did he scare you the first time you rode?   Yeah, Gremlin was living near me in Michigan for most of this summer and I gotta say he is pretty intimidating when you don't know him, haha. but he’s really cool to ride with and he kills it on bike! It was sick having him to ride with around my home town this summer.  

What do you want out of Bmx?   I want to continue traveling to new places with all my friends and meet new people. Nothing is better than going to a new city and finding new spots to ride that you haven't seen before.   

 Any thing in the works?   Well not anything planned out right now, but I can tell you that I’ll definitely have something for the 989crew next  year and probably some other things too. Were thinking about doing things a little different for the 989crew next year so be on the lookout for bigger and better projects!!    

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