Where are you from and how did you get into riding? Dayton Ohio. I got into riding just like most kids. Got a crappy bike from a garage sale and jumped curbs with the neighborhood kids. Then they all got into racing and that's where I got my bike control. We had some crappy dirt jumps in overlook we built. I got bored with racing and was doing tricks mid run so I quit after a year and started riding trails and street more, and eventually met gremlin. That's when everything thing really started..  



What was your local scene like, and what was a typical riding day?   Typical day of riding. We'd wake up at 6 am and go to Burger King and get breakfast. Then pedal to contractors the nearest trails which were miles away up hill. After a few hours of trails we'd go to Delco "racetrack" and do a few laps. After that we'd pedal home and ride all the street spots on the way home. We rode everything back then, and all day long..   

Tell us about your favorite time period of riding, season perspectives, DG, giant? I loved all of those time periods. All of my friends riding as much as possible and progressing with each other and making something out of it. No matter what the name behind the video or ad we were going to do the same thing no matter what. Ride have fun and film! Season was a great time though for sure.. Let the good times roll!!!   

For awhile you were a paid Giant pro, what was that like? Like I said above no matter the brand I was just doing what I always did. It was cool to get to be friends with a legend like Chris Arriaga and to have Troy as a teammate again. Not to mention having Alex Raban on your team. It was rad..   

You are one of the best filmers I know, how did you get into that?  from the very beginning i was always handed a camera to film someone, and i always wanted it to look the best that it could. A lot of the earlier riding trips I was injured so I became the filmer, and I guess it started from there. I grew to love filming and being the guy that did a great job capturing that moment.. When I film my friends get an amazing clip it's as if I got the clip too. Like I pulled the trick! It's addictive..  

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