What was the riding scene like growing up in connersville? 

When I first started riding, the scene was insanely strong for such a small town. There was a pretty wild set of trails called Maplewood, and there were probably 30 kids at one point who went there everyday. That led to more dudes always meeting up to ride street and it kind of went from there. Over the years, dudes have came and went in the cville scene, but it was definitely the strongest while we had a skatepark. RIP connersville skatepark.

How did you end up moving to Dayton? 

When I first started hanging out with Troy a lot more, I got to know everyone from around Dayton pretty well, and met dudes that were into the same view of bmx as me. I started coming here more and more frequently, and eventually realized it would make more since to just move here. Dayton is what you make of it, but it was definitely a massive upgrade compared to Connersville.

You've had some bad crashes in your career, what would you say is the most memorable? You have a very hucker style, what gets you to just say fuck it and go all in? 

 The river wallride crash was the brutal one everyone seems to know about, so it makes me that much more proud of myself for going back and making it work! But there have been so many heavy ones, and sometimes they just seem to blend. Long hard life..


You have a very hucker style, what gets you to just say fuck it and go all in?  

I definitely wouldn't consider myself dialed at really anything on any given day, but I feel like I'm surrounded by people who have that. So when we're all riding a city, and everybody is getting clips that I could never see myself being able to do, I feel like I gotta pull my weight. If I'm at a big setup that the crew drove to just for me to do it, then I know they believe in me and honestly think I could do it. At that point I owe them my best attempt and I just say fuck it and see what happens. Sometimes we find out pretty quick if it's gonna work or not haha

Tell us about your most memorable trip and some events that made it so great? 

The first time I went to Las Vegas was the craziest trip I've ever been on! It was Troy Merkle, Vince Smith, Dustin Vogeler and myself packed up in Troys car. We slept about 2-4 hours maximum every night for 10 days. We rode at Matt Beringers unbelievable house. We got searched briefly while crossing the Hoover dam at night, and they didn't find our weed. We by some miracle didn't run out of gas in the mountains of Utah in the middle of nowhere, and rolled on fumes to the first gas pump in over 100 miles. Time of my life.

SS duster OSU